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Jesse and Kelly J.

Ryan was great to work with. We participated in pre-wedding marital counseling with Ryan leading up to our wedding, which helped us discuss some issues in depth that we may not have otherwise dove into as a couple, both concerning the Lord and other items such as finances, parents, children, etc. He kept things professional, but also light and fun. Ryan truly got to know us during our marital counseling and in turn, used some of what he learned about us during our ceremony. It made the ceremony very personal for both my husband and I, and all of the guests that came to support our marriage. I would highly recommend Ryan to anyone looking to pastor their wedding! 

eugene and cathy d.

Ryan you did a great with our wedding! The time we spent preparing for it, going over the material, was fantastic!



Brian and Stacey J.

We were long distance for our engagement and really appreciated Ryan's flexibility as we prepared everything over the phone and through email. Instead of the generic wedding homily, he prepared a message from a passage of Scripture that meant a lot to us (even though it wasn't a traditional wedding passage). Thanks for all you did for us, Ryan!